Women’s Literacy 

Teaching Women to read the

WORD of God 

 Our passion with the women’s literacy program is to see women once bound by the darkness of illiteracy, set free through education to study God’s Word, pass the Truth on to their children, make disciples and set a whole generation on fire for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

-Rebecca Brink

We are going deep into the villages of Southwest Uganda to teach ladies to read. Join us as we help to eradicate illiteracy and poverty one woman at a time.  

Teaching these women to read will encourage and empower them as they gain knowledge. We want to help them learn how to work together, creating opportunities that will help them to provide for their families and manage their homes very well. They will learn to read and are also encouraged to work, plan, and save; empowering them to make a way for themselves.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.