Trust Boys Home 

A home of 


for boys living on the street. 

The Boys Trust Home is a safe haven for boys who are living on the street in Mbarara, Uganda and want to leave the street life of desperation and hopelessness. Over 200 boys have come through Trust Boys Home since opening. There are many testimonies of healing, redemption and restoration in the lives of these boys. 


 Rock of Living Water Ministries is blessed to partner with Pastor Willy Tumwine as well as Dennis and Rebecca Muleme to help see that this street boys ministry at Trust Boys Home continues to grow and thrive. 

19 years ago Pastor Willy was led to open a home for boys who were living on the street, he too grew up as a street boy. He shared with us that he tried several times to launch this ministry to street boys but there were many challenges that kept it from happening. 


In 2005 the Lord made a way to open, hope was alive. He prayed to the Lord for someone to come along that would be able to take his vision of caring for these boys to love and lead well. Two years later in 2007, the Lord brought Dennis and Rebecca. Dennis had a big heart to


 love these boys just the way they were; 

broken, dangerous and addicted.  


The love that these boys received began to transform their hearts and lives. Through music, Dennis began to connect with these boys. Dennis is a worshiper and a musician so he began sharing his God given talents with them. As they began to learn how to play different instruments, they formed a band.Some of the boys are now teaching music, others are traveling with the band to minister at different places, some are taking the initiative to lead and help the younger ones, and others are called to help cook, clean and manage the food storehouse, but all of them have a place.

As new ones come in, it is a beautiful thing to watch the Lord use Willy, Dennis and Rebecca to love on these boys, witnessing time and again transformation unfold. We thank God for the opportunity to partner with a ministry that is modeling the power of love, redemption and salvation that is only offered through Jesus. 


Click the names below to read powerful stories of the Lord’s RESTORATION and REDEMPTION.

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  •     MOSES   


A Boy in Need of a Family. 

Innocent came to live with Denis and Rebecca at the boy’s home when he was 11 years old. Neglected by both parents, he was found in the village by one of their other boys Julius, who was there teaching music. When Julius found Innocent his heart broke for him as he could see how much he needed a family. Julius brought Innocent home. God’s love as well as music has changed his life completely. He now has hope for the future and is helping to teach music at Katyazo Secondary school where he attends. We thank God for giving Innocent a hope and a future to make a difference in the Kingdom of God.   



The Power of a Praying Grandmother. 

George was born into an impoverished family living in Southwest Uganda. When George was 12 years old, he decided to leave his home and try to find work in the city of Mbarara, Uganda. Having no place to stay in the city, he was left living on the street. Soon he was pulled into a life of stealing, drugs and addiction. After some time, he was brought into the Trust Boys Home where, with the help of Pastor Willy and Dennis, he was able to get clean and start building a new life. He asked Dennis to drive him back to his home village to see his family 4 years after leaving. When he arrived he found his Grandmother grieving the recent death of George’s father. George’s grandmother wept with joy to see her grandson return home after years of praying for him. The Lord heard her cries and they were reunited!